We accept Poetry, Short Stories, Novellas, Photography, Visual Art, as well as critical essays on Literature, Art, Architecture, Music, Film, or Theatre, as well as on the minor arts.

We specialize in works done in Classical and Traditional modes. Submissions should, first of all, be Beautiful and second be in conformity with Reason, Goodness, Truth, and Tradition. 

We prize Philosophically and Theologically astute works of high intellectual rigor. Works with Existentialist, Nihilist, Marxist, or similar themes will not be accepted.

Poetry submissions, if submitted, must have a clear structure, without extreme deviations. Attention should be given to meter, rhyme, and general musicality. Free verse is accepted only in exceptional cases.

Fiction should be structurally and thematically sound. Prose should tinge purple, as it is the color of royalty. We do not accept genre fiction, unless it is literary.

Non-Fiction should be of an investigative, reflective, literary, or philosophical bent. We do not accept social critique unalloyed to cultural artifacts.

Photography and Visual Art are accepted as collections. Please do not send us individual pieces. For each piece, include the title and brief description. It is better to format this collection as an essay exploring a theme, idea, or event through the visuals. All visual art must be, at least, vaguely representational.

Critical Essays should strive to be different from the typical academic milieu. Theory essays should be careful to appertain directly to cultural artifacts.

All written submissions should be initially submitted in pdf form. Please refrain from listing your various identity affiliations or mental illnesses in your submission email; we’re not that sort of journal. Please use the Oxford Comma.

Please Send Submissions to:

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