Inchworm Empire

Unhitched from time’s yoke
He has forever to build
The slow kingdom
His throne of willow branches
Weaves itself deliberately
His heraldry manifests
In its minute intricacies

Argent stars
In their billions
Cascade down azure pale

Looper passant
& proper against gules
Field-marshal of
Seething caterpillar legions
Whose home is his crown

Dinner will be whenever
You get here
There is no rush
In that span between
An inchworm & the stars


Published by Jason O'Toole

Author of two collections of poetry published by The Red Salon, Jason currently resides in the Boston area. His poem "Samsara" has been nominated for the Rhysling Award. He performs and records with Herr Lounge Corps of Slovakia & Alec K. Redfearn of Providence , RI. Find his books at:

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