By M.P. Wildermuth

How dimly in winter attends to the heart
That teeming season of our out-bloomed prime,
When profuse birds in famed song would impart
Upon the breeze of summertide their chime.

How dimly in March when sleet hammers its blows,
And dawn proves all pierced to the root in frost,
When nought’s heard but the wind’s afflicting throws,
And all in the glow of the sun is coldly glossed.

When winter’s aspect has risen again
To recast all summer brings, it’s then that men
Dare dream of spring, and seek the eternal strand,
That winter’s dread their hearts may once more withstand.

Published by Matt Wildermuth

Matthew Wildermuth is a father and poet living near the banks of the Missouri in North Dakota. His work may be read at aseidolons.com.

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