St. Peter’s Square, a colonnade topped with the statues of saints.

Welcome to Concentric Literary Magazine, the home of the aesthetically discriminating and the intellectually vivacious, the avant-garde of tradition. 

This magazine is born of a void.  We founded it because we, in our intellectual hunger, found a dearth of literary content for those not well aligned with the interests, values or, most importantly, the aesthetic sensibilities of the New York monoculture which currently dominates the literary currents of the day. Such a lack is not a lack of suitable writers, nor of interested readers, but a lack of proper outlets, which in 2018 need no longer be a lack.

As such, we aim to be the outlet for high quality poetry, prose, visual art, aesthetic criticism, and long-form journalism of interest to intelligent readers who, feeling the pinch of a postmodern culture foreign to themselves, seek out content more suited to their discriminating tastes.

Whitby Abbey, where St. Caedmon was given the gift of verse and so fathered English Poetry

We intend to provide such readers with an ample supply of works which operate in harmony with reason, tradition, good sensibility, and above all beauty. We will no-wise engage in the iconoclasm for iconoclasm’s sake which exists in other, more perfidious outlets, nor shall we engage in the kind of moral arm-twisting pretending itself intellectual superiority which so typifies current literary outlets. We have only one aim, which is to drive man to the transcendental heights of beauty, truth and goodness.

Without further ado, let us kindle the flame.

—The Editorial Staff of Concentric Magazine

Published by Concentric Editorial Staff

We present Literary and Aesthetic content in accord with Virtue, Honor, Truth, Goodness, and above all Beauty.

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